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lt - link trees, a package management tool


lt [-nuilaqfv] [-t tdir] [afile | dir ...]


lt is a package management tool, which can be used to install, query, check, update and remove software packages. Each package is located in its own directory, then symbolic links are used to make package files accessible in traditional common location (/usr/local). No database is used, and lt is simple and stateless.


General Options

verbose mode: print actions as they are run.
silent mode: only errors are displayed.
debug mode: print actions instead of run.
force mode: ignore errors. Otherwise, by default, lt exits at the first encountered error.
-t tdir
set target to tdir. By default, it is parent directory (..).

Query Options

list all packages, active (marked with *) or inactive (marked with -).
-l afile
print all the files belonging to the same package as afile.
-q afile
print the package which file afile belongs to.
-c dir
check mode: verify that all files belonging to given package dir are correctly installed.

Install/Uninstall Options

-i dir
install mode: create symbolic links to package dir content.
-d dir
delete mode: delete links instead of creating them.
-u dir
upgrade mode: for a given package, uninstall any conflicting package, then install dir package.


Generic way to handle package meta-data. This will allow package description, handling dependencies, ...


search path for package directories


Marc Vertes <>

Table of Contents